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Dinner Party Bread Recipe on Food52 recipe on Food52

Dinner Party Bread

Egg + potato in the same loaf = a really tasty bread. Plus, it's chewy, with a slight nutty fragrance, thanks to the wheat germ.

killer toast - one proofing

the killer toast ~ super uber soft (just one proofing) ~ highly recommended 万人迷夺命软吐司(一次发酵)~强推

killer toast - one proofing

Молоко и молоко двойного молоко Haas

ミルク&ミルク ダブルミルクハース

A double-milk hearth bread featuring milk and skim milk powder. It's sweet and has a soft crumb

Hokkaido Bread - look how soft it is, I must try it...

Hokkaido Bread - look how soft it is, I must try it.

Lemon Spelt Bread, GreenKitchenStories (fresh yeast, spelt flakes, spelt flour, lemon juice and zest, oil)

Lemon Spelt Bread (Adapted from a recipe by danish chef Oscar Umahro) Makes 2 big breads 1 cup dl) spelt flakes 2 medium size organic l.