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If you're in need of a good laugh, read on for our favorite mom memes that will totally have you in stitches.

Parenting is a beautiful experience. What could be more moving than bringing a new life into the world and guiding a child with love and patience?

Nobody was ever coming for your guns, you dummies. But good job supporting the gun industry by stockpiling for something that was never, ever going to happen! Well done, dumbfucks.

Not everyone living in red states votes Republican. Let's help more Democrats in Southern states get elected to office!

for my dear husband... thanks for cooking!

Funny Lunch/Dinner Ecard: I am really bad at measuring pasta, so if you and 79 of your friends want spaghetti, come on over!

Hoe moeilijk het kan zijn je slapende baby neer te leggen.....  Steek je hand op als je dit herkent ;-)  Indiana Jone sleep meme

Steven Spielberg Week Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981 Cinematography: Douglas Slocombe


I don't talk politics anywhere but the Obama and Biden memes are absolutely hilarious.

Walking Dead

Walking Dead is so awesome! Love this show, we just watched all the seasons recently on Netflix and are hooked! i love maggie :p

Rentrée des classes, parents contents, enfants pas contents

Mom and four kids pose for an honest back-to-school picture. I'm seeing a picture of my kids leaving my room on the last day of school with me jumping.