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Post from @shredding_atheus -  United States Of America is not a Christian nation. Dont make it that way either. It will make America worse than it is already. :) Oh and by the way Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian. He rejected it. He was a diest. John Adams did aswell. He was a unitarian. So did Thomas Paine. He was a diest. And so did James Madison. He was an Episcopalian. Dont comment bullshit here please nor take things out of context.    #America #Christianity #foundingfathers…

'America is a Christian Nation! Let's see what the founding fathers had to say. DAMN those PESKY FACTS. They really do get in the way of the Christian Agenda, don't they?

Founding Fathers and Separation of Church and State

founding fathers separation of church and state

Racism within the St.Louis PD - non police witnesses say that Gore was attacked. Gore uses a baton in self defense and the man lives. As a reward for displaying protect and serve behavior, the St. Louis PD has suspended Gore w/o pay and allowed charges to be brought against him. Wilson's two GoFundMe pages have earned 433,000. Gore's GoFundMe page has earned 25 dollars.

Can someone please explain this to me? Louis Police Officer Blows the Whistle on Rampant Corruption Within.

no mention of L.Ron Hubbard

This why I don't believe in organized religion ,religion at all

Obama you rock...LOL

This pretty much sums it up.Funny Donald Trump Memes: Trump Can Learn A Lot About Class From Obama

Draft Dodgers

War Mongering Draft Dodgers & Look Who's King

As a ex-Catholic I can agree with this one So True! ~ Previous Pinner Said

The pope on his gold throne. You're doing it wrong, Asshole!

Trump/Republicans cut funding for mental health research as they enable those with mental illness to buy guns.You cant be worse than conservatives, even if you tried.

They still use the "Southern Strategy" to this day... and it keeps working.

The Knowledge Movement::fB

Atheist Girl

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Explains where the phrase first came from  DB                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Fear provokes war, diversity and tolerance promotes peace. Although "In God We Trust" was first printed on coins in it was added to our paper money in 1956 in reaction to the fear-mongering of Communism engendered by Senator (R) Joseph McCarthy.

It always makes me laugh when people say our country was founded on christianity. Not even close

The founding fathers were well-educated men of European descent where state religions, Catholicism and the Church of England, suppressed and persecuted other religions and Christian sects.

A collection of quotes that clearly demonstrate that America was not founded on any religion

A collection of quotes that clearly illustrates the founding fathers deep distrust of organized religion particularly a state religion. Most of the founding fathers believed in God and were deeply spiritual.