Arpeggia Five-Line Earrings
Patiala Necklace 460-The Ruby necklace and pearl necklace made for Sir Bhupindra Singh, The piece he ordered from the Maison Cartier in 1928, and the one he became famous for, is now known as the Patiala Necklace.  It contained some 2,930 diamonds including the world’s 7th largest ‘De Beer’s diamond as its centrepiece weighing in at 428 carats.  It dramatically disappeared in 1948 and was quietly recovered in 1998, with the main diamond and many of its larger stones missing
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De Beers Talisman One of a kind piece. Yellow gold, color diamonds, rough diamonds
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De Beers making of Talisman collection - Wondrous Sphere
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De Beers Phenomena Sunset Frost Necklace
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