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Grappig! :-)

Broken Glass T-shirt with Heart - Men& T-Shirt

yay for psychology nerdiness!! I totally want this when I have kids.

P-Value Baby Bodysuit

For everyone out there who hates word problems.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for Sep 18, 1990

Alright so his basic math skills suck but his business sense is phenomenal

Pointlessly Gendered Graduate Costume (click thru for more Halloween examples)

A Halloween Gender Binary (click thru for more) fuck no. we don't need to objectify women!

theory vs. hypothesis  (10 Great Gifts for Grammar Geeks, on BookRiot)

10 Great Gifts for Grammar Geeks

Yesterday was National Grammar Day here in the states, so in the spirit of better-late-than-never, I present gifts for the grammar geek in your life.

Does eating cheese cause people to die by becoming tangled in their bedsheets? Or why correlation does not imply causation.

Correlation does not equal causation - Spurious Correlations


The Dilbert Strip for September 2012 - Persistence is the key to success

Dilbert Cartoon explaining the Humor in Statistics

"D: I didn't have any accurate numbers so I just made up this one. Studies have shown that accurate numbers aren't any more useful than the ones you make up. Q: How many studies showed that?

- Dilbert by Scott Adams

What is company culture? And how can we you create culture change? Research has the answers to all of these.

Do elementary or high school teachers have it worse?

High School Teachers: Who has the tougher job? (Middle school teachers have already won, hands-down. So this is for place.) I don't think it's even bc high school teachers have at least twice the planning time.

technically correct

Funny Computer Say No

FYI: I'll be releasing a wolf into a randomly-chosen front yard sometime in the next 30 years. Now your fear is reasonable, and you don't need to feel embarrassed anymore. Problem solved!

6 Excellent Visualization Websites image I Love Charts Example

From the the science expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity

From the the science expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity