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AMAZEBALLS progam by ladyfingersletterpress

Smitten by these wedding programs, silk-screened onto handkerchiefs designed by Ladyfingers Letterpress.

An act of kindness is good for the soul, yours and theirs.

animals nature photography - gregory colbert ashes and snow - chicquero girl elephant

Julius Caesar. Aka inspiration for the Fault in Our Stars

Shakespeare new, how hard the future would be, the fault in our stars changed the future. Go Shakespeare

Mares Eat Oats by Mary Kate McDevitt

Mares Eat Oats by Mary Kate McDevitt.my dad would sing silly songs like this to me

The Journey by Jennifer Wick

A Journey of a thousand miles / Lao Tzo Quote / Typography by Jennifer Wick. I'm always fascinated on this kind of art that has creativity on a very inspirational word through simple graphics and typography. Travel and exploration will be my happy 2015 :)

Silly goose!

It reminds me of my sister; I call her silly goose all the time :)

I need to make this ... I suck at keeping in touch

I'm rotten at keeping in touch, but i miss you very much. Unfortunately this is me

Returning to the spot where your wedding pictures were taken to do a maternity shoot. I rarely find wedding and/or maternity portraits special or unique, but this is a really sweet idea.

this couple returned to the spot where their wedding photos were taken to capture another milestone.I am not one to post wedding ideas but this made my heart melt. Such a beautiful idea.

Not sure about the message but love the typog.

Winter Weddings

Eat Drink and Be Married. as napkins, as a sign somewhere, invites to rehearsal dinner?

(307) #FireColbert hashtag on Twitter

If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn't help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was as selfish as we are or we've got to acknowledge that He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then ad.

Design is a Journey by Zachary Smith

Design is a Journey

Design is a Journey by Zachary Smith. Design is a journey, find your own path, work hard, be nice and stay humble.


Can you be a better actor than Katherine Hepburn? No, sorry you cant. Not in my opinion. Im sure that there are many women actors who put all their effort into being really great at what they do, but Katherine Hepburn makes it all look

Speaking of poster-style invites, larger-format poster-size invitations were also a big (no pun intended) trend. The one by Ladyfingers Letterpress has a Motown vibe.

Poster-style invites, larger-format poster-size invitations are also a big trend! The one by Ladyfingers Letterpress has a Motown vibe.