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Animals in wigs- who knew anything so stupid could be so damn funny?

Theres no place like home Community Post: 50 Hilarious Dogs In Wigs

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 72 Pics

the smiling dog is cute, but am i the only one who wants to put a little dog on my back in a baby carrier

Can you pleasseee come and cudddle with meeee?

OH EM GEEE 🐧🐧😍 Penguin chick not really a Christmas bird at all. Puffins are really more the North Pole bird. Penguins are really more the South Pole Birds.

lets go for a ride boo!  i take my car and you take your little car!  cacth up with me or ride with me?

Boo, "The World's Cutest Dog." He is the cutest Pomeranian I've ever seen!


From Uggie to Grumpy Cat to the Olate Dogs, these pets dominated our TV screens, bookshelves and Internet memes this year.