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Why are we defending civilian possession of weapons intended to slaughter people?!

I agree, Senator Deanne Feinstein: "Who needs these military-style assault weapons? Who needs an ammunition feeding device capable of holding 100 rounds? These weapons are NOT for hunting deer--they're for hunting people.

Either they'll all quit and we'll get some people who actually care, OR they'll start doing their job. Either way...it's a win.

Minimum wage jobs were never meant to support a family. They were entry level jobs or part time jobs. Put the politicians on minimum wage and watch how fast things change.

They are also void of humanity, compassion, and economic common sense...

FDR, an avowed Democrat, put together the Social Security Act and the GOP has been trying to get rid of it ever since. If you're a registered Republican, you better thank a Democrat every time your SSI shows up in your bank account.

This is what a hero & sacrifice looks like vs. This is what a bigoted egomaniac Trump looks like

Truth be told.-----And if Trump (Hitler wanna be) becomes Commander-in-Chief there will be mega gravestones all over the world.

I think they lost Alabama to a CIVIL RIGHTS LAWYER! #KARMA

I think they're all a bunch of hypocritical, lying, nuts.


Planned Parenthood isn't profiting off of the deaths of children. You're thinking of the NRA.

don't djuj

There are: good Christians and evil Christians, good Muslims and evil Muslims. Alternatively, there are ethical people who live without religion and evil people who live without religion. Religion does not always correlate with ethics. Get over it.

Not to mention he's a narcissistic egomaniac who simply wants the presidency just for more bragging rights.

We ALL should be ashamed at what an Ugly Turn some in this country have taken. The Republican Party and the Utter Destruction and Division they've caused since President Obama was elected is a National Disgrace.

I wonder which one knows his job better!?!

When the real "aliens" destroy America, know that they weren't from outer space or across the borders.they took up Residence in the WH! Pic'd is the department that manages our nuclear arsenal and the nations energy policy.

Republicans desire to destroy America - 100%!

By now, many in America have heard, or are talking about Stephen Colbert’s nasty man rant on Donald Trump last week. The talk show host airs most of his monologue live on CBS. But this particular Trump diatribe prompted a protest by the Right, which of.


The Republican mind is just baffling, and unwilling to take a closer look at why they fail. Thank you, Jon Stewart.

Dirty, dirty Donald !!

“According to Trump, a black guy who shoplifts should be locked up in a Chinese prison for 10 years, a black guy who sits during the anthem should be fired, and a white guy who rapes a 14 year old should be in the US Senate.

President Obama

President Obama has done the best he can against all of the republican obstruction.