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★Old Photos & Maps★ (@Lost & Found Gallery) tweeted at 7:42 PM on Sun, May 25, 2014: Richard Sears of "Sears and Roebuck Company) early 1900s. #Chicago #Sears

In 1822 Richard Sears was working as a railroad station agent when a shipment of watches was dropped off at the station. Here is how Richard Sears turned discarded watches into a billion dollar company.

When 5-year-old May Pierstorff asked to visit her grandmother, her parents had no money to buy a rail ticket. So they mailed her. In 1914, May’s parents proposed mailing her from Grangeville, parcel post to Lewiston, Idaho, 75 miles away. The postmaster found the “package” was under the 50-pound weight limit, so he winked at their plan, classed May as a baby chick, and put 53 cents in stamps on her coat. May rode in the train's mail car and was delivered safely to her grandparents.

TIL after the USPS began offering parcel post numerous poor families used the service to mail their children to relatives. One girl was mailed to her grandmother 73 miles away for just 53 cents.

Army Pfc. Norman Dufresne returns home to Leominster, Ma after 63 years of being MIA.

Norman Dufresne returns home to Leominster, Ma after 63 years of being MIA.

Dust storm during the Dust Bowl of 1930s. THIS is the moment I will say, "no, you Don't have to clean your room today."

Dust storm during the Dust Bowl of One natural disaster that could be compared with the Irish Potato Famine

Josie Jepson (or Jepsen) at the telephone switchboard on Washington Island… And wow, do I love my iPhone more after seeing this!!!

One of my grandmothers worked as a telephone operator before she retired (I mean got married! Josie Jepson (or Jepsen) at the telephone switchboard on Washington Island, 1915

POCHOHANTUS and her son by John Rolfe, THOMAS | A Virginia Indian, notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. She is the daughter of Powhatan, the paramount chief of a network of tributary tribal nations in the Tidewater region of Virginia. In a well-known historical anecdote, she is said to have saved the life of an Indian captive, Englishman John Smith.

Original Picture of Pocahontas; This famous Sedgeford portrait of Pocahontas & her son, Thomas Rolfe .

An African American woman posed next to car on Mulford Street, Homewood (Pittsburgh, PA), c. 1937

STYLE Mary Lou Harris snapped in a long tweed suit with polka dot blouse (circa by the marvelous photography legend Charles “Teenie” Harris in Pittsburgh, PA.

Pioneer Settlers | Pioneer Settlers, Homesteaders, Covered Wagon - Circa 1890 Vintage ...

An image of pioneer settlers, homesteaders, covered wagon - circa 1890 vintage photo on SpiderPic, a price comparison search engine for royalty free stock photos.

Randy Savage Death and Survivor Benefits

Wrestling Legend "Macho Man" Randy Savage dies at 58