Prosecco Jelly Shots

Pastry chef Catherine SchimentiÖ serves these Prosecco gelées for dessert at Craft in Century City, but they also make wonderful as aperitifs. They’re flecked with vanilla bean.

How to make Salmon Roses, a step by step guide with diagram and images.

Salmon Roses Only R (Salmon, Avo, Mayo , Caviar)\ Contact us at Long Fen Chinese Restaurant 5570

Prepare a batch of this pear, grape and pomegranate fizz to impress you New Year's Eve party guests.

Festive Prosecco sangria

100 g Grapes, seedless red. 100 ml Finest* apricot brandy. 1 X bottle finest* bisol prosecco. 1 X pack pomegranate seeds, or the seed.

prosecco pancakes recipe

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Cucumber Wrapped Sushi | Sushi Recipe |  I like the plate presentation as a starter course. Simple fresh and clean looking.

Cucumber Wrapped Sushi

Easy and fun cucumber wrapped sushi topped with ikura (salmon roe), hamachi (yellowtail), tuna, and amaebi (sweet shrimp).

Clementine & prosecco jellies

Clementine & prosecco jellies

Clementine and prosecco jellies - James Martin's glamorous and refreshingly light dessert will be right at home at a festive dinner party