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Naughty by nature: The worst place names in Britain - Shitterton

Britain's worst place name: Shitterton in Dorset has been voted the UK's most embarrassing place name - they had to make the sign in stone because the metal ones kept getting stolen :-)

And I thought churches didn't have a sense of humor or innuendo. Ha!

Let's take a moment to laugh at some funny church signs with racy implications. The quickest way to enlightenment is to lighten up and laugh.

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i felt like a horrible person for laughing at this, 'cause, I mean, the dead homeless man. but the septic tank burial with bagpipes.

@Courtney Dean, this is where you and Bryan should move

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A small "town" called Cookietown, Oklahoma (just south of Lawton, OK .

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Its a cardigan, but thanks for noticing! Favorite line from the movie!