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Marvel, I want these things. Pls?

Natasha Romanov (the Black Widow), Steve Rogers (Captain America), Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Sam Wilson (Falcon).

Yeah, this is what I need

I mainly want the Clint and Bucky things. I wear hearing aids like Clint, so I'd love to see that.<--- We want the therapy! // Steve dealing with his depression/PTSD

A fan's suggestions

This about sums up what I need from Marvel. PLUS a Black Widow Movie! Like more than Hawkeye movies


Summer Time with the Avengers! I love that the internet has decided Loki is an Avenger. Doesn't matter that he's a villain, he's still an Avenger.

Except that as Captain America fighting in World War 2, there's probably a very good chance he has fought along side Russians. So there's a good chance he already knows how to speak Russian.

Yes this headcanon is life. Nat and Wanda being Red Bros and all the Russian going on behind Steve's back.


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