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My Adjectives Cloud

Could have peers give the adjectives - namebow rainbow--adjective practice! Great for self esteem too!

I haven't followed the link yet, but this picture gives me a great idea. Make the kids come up with positive adjectives about each other on the days they just won't stop fighting.

Students must find 20 adjectives that describe themselves. Awesome Beginning of School Activity! What a great way to build a child's self esteem

Adjectives and Reading Rings--Post a picture and have students choose adjectives to describe it. Good for studying synonyms as well.

Mix this Language Arts lesson in with pumpkins in Science! Rowdy in First Grade: Adjectives and Reading Rings Like the idea of posting a picture that the students choose adjectives for. Good for studying synonyms as well.

Do you have your poetry writing activities and lessons planned for this April and poetry month? Teach children how to write bio poems about themselves and create a unique, eye-catching writing display. CLICK to grab your FREE templates for kids to plan and write their own bio poems today!

Bio Poetry Writing for Kids

Lanier's Lions: Did you say Pinterest?....YES PLEASE!

Might do this for students that visit the guidance office during Meet the Teacher Night/open house

Make students feel comfortable and loved in the classroom with these. Parents can also fill out the rainbow cards. LOVE

For st. Just gorgeous. Finally I have an idea to update our pshe display -self-esteem clouds I recon they should be called, love it.

Cool website!! Just type in a bunch of words and it makes it into a picture! Similar to wordle, but different!

Make a "word collage" with your class list. Class List for meet the teacher night. Similar to Wordle, only with more options.

"I Map" - from Jeff Anderson's Mechanically Inclined.......beginning of the year activity.....get to know you activity

Writers notebook entries - I am a . Good first of the year activity. Maybe do again at the end of the year and look at the differences

"getting to know you" activities for the first weeks of school :)

The Back to School Bash includes a little bit of everything that you may need for a successful start to a new school year! -"Let's get acquainted" activities