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Smarter Alec: 2013-01-13  intricately carved eggshells over on Disignboom, by artist Beth Ann Magnuson

Smarter Alec: intricately carved eggshells over on Disignboom, by artist Beth Ann Magnuson

This is a hand carved goose eggshell. It also comes with a clear stand to display it on.

carved goose egg carved egg eggshell decorated by SillyManStudio

Laceowrk eggs by Beth Ann Magnuson of Bishop Hill, Illinois

hand carved duck egg by the Nest At Windy Corner on Etsy

Eggshell Carving by Brian Baity

Eggshell Carving by Brian Baity

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Fine Victorian Lace: Delicate Carvings in Eggshells

Looking like fine victorian lace, the carved eggs created by Beth Ann Magnuson are the definition of the word delicate.

Egg art

Very nice carving from Windy Corner Farm. (You'll need a goose egg, a Dremel Moto-Tool, and patience.) I tried to buy one for a gift but they are sold out due to the story in Oprah's April 2013 magazine. That's the O factor for you!

Egg Shell Carving | ... little tutorial on eggshell carving so you guys can see how it s done

Gary Lemaster e sua arte de esculpir casca de ovo - Epoch Times

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Hand Carved Victorian Lace Goose Egg Full by theNestatWindyCorner

Made To Order: Hand Carved Victorian Lace Extra Large Goose Egg in a Full Floral Pattern


American sculptor Beth Ann Magnuson carves intricate patterns on eggshells as part of her artistic practice. Called ‘Victorian Lace Eggs’, these masterpieces are carved with a high-speed drill.

geometric egg carving

Goose on Geometry