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Very personal calligraphy styled typeface. I am in love with the super extended letter forms. And super thin strokes. This typeface also has a very low Xheight.

Bellwethers - Modern Calligraphy Font With Swashes

Meet Bellwethers - A Modern Calligraphy Font With Swashes. Bellwethers by Angie Makes Features Tons of Modern Calligraphy Font Elements Like TONS of Swashes

21 Things You Learn When You Grow Out Your Eyebrows

21 Things You Learn When You Grow Out Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frame work of your face. It is important to have a well balanced eyebrow. Different eye brows can convey different looks. What do your eye brows say about you? do you have the right shape?

Tattered Split American & Thin Blue Line Wood Flag: All handmade with individually cut distressed wood pieces nailed to a sturdy frame. Stained with red, white & black stripes, & torched for that rustic-charred style. Finished with 3 or more coats of high gloss poly for protection & shine that will last a lifetime. Bisecting the American flag with the TBL, this piece represents American pride & honor supporting law enforcement including Police & Corrections officers & Military Police.

Tattered Split American & Thin Blue Line Wood Flag

Tattered Split American & Thin Blue Line - American Flag - Military Veteran Made -Torched-Wood Flag - Wall Decor -Patriotic - Handmade -Sign

Lotus Tattoo. Different placement though with the quote I came up with. 'Out of scum & filth I rose"

12 Beautiful Lotus Tattoo Designs for Girls

collected Vintage lotus flower tattoo in Fancy Tattoos. And Vintage lotus flower tattoo is the best Shoulder Tattoos for 2201 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about lotus, flower, template for girls.

Infinity - Free Space Icons | just my type |  De Thin Line trend. Dunne lijntjes gebruiken om je website te voorzien van icoontjes. Ook animaties in deze stijl is "the new best thing!"

Infinity - Free Space Icons (Font) more space doodle tattoo ideas!