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Renewable water resources in #Africa

Renewable water resources in Africa. The size of the blue circle shows how much renewable water there is per capita.

Great Lakes shipping routes 1940 #map #greatlakes #canada #usa

“The Last of the Free Seas” - A map of the Great Lakes made by Boris Artzbasheff published in Fortune Magazine in July 1940

The continents from A Song of Ice and Fire [Game of Thrones] shown relative to the Europe/Africa/Asia

(No Spoilers)The continents from A Song of Ice and Fire shown relative to the Europe/Africa/Asia [OC] [x-post from MapPorn] : asoiaf


Newly released Africa Progress Report says some foreign companies are avoiding taxes when they exploit resources.

Radiazione solare penisola iberica

Radiazione solare penisola iberica

12 Awesome physical map of africa with landforms images

The Heritage of Africa: Discover Sub-Saharan Africa National Geographic Society

Las armas químicas en el mundo

Las armas químicas en el mundo

One of two families, the AK-47 or the M-16

Location of AK-47 and M-16 weapon family operators.

Paid Maternal Leave Around The World

Interesting maps, Part 1

Paid Maternal Leave Around the World: The US is 1 of 8 countries, out of 188 that have known policies, without paid leave

Percentage of Native American Population by Country.

Map of the Americas showing the percentage of native people (people present before the arrival of Europeans) per country or state/region.

Change of unemployment rate in the EU from 2008 - 2011

File the Federal Unemployment Extension for Information on the new & latest news for the unemployed. Full tiers structure & facts to consider.

Inversiones chinas en el mundo

Inversiones chinas en el mundo

Chinese investment in the world (spanish)

Not as cheerful as your standard cartography - but you might learn a thing or two

The Weird Geography of Autocomplete Maps

“See what autocomplete thinks about your country