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There are many opinion makers radiating outwards from Brussels who insist that the Euro crisis and the related European banking chaos is over ... well now Germany has a stark warning  -- think agai...

There are many opinion makers radiating outwards from Brussels who insist that the Euro crisis and the related European banking chaos is over … well now Germany has a stark warning — t…

European Bank(ster)s Could Still Collapse the House of Cards; S&P Sounds Serious Warning  Read more: http://www.french-news-online.com/wordpress/?p=38176#ixzz3GEWIYxGb  Follow us: @frenchnewsonlin on Twitter

Standard & Poor’s has sounded a serious warning to the speculators still pretending the European bank(ster) crisis is over with a warning that powerhouse Germany’s anti-euro party can no …

Euro-Crisis Hits France and its the Right of Right that is Offering a Solution - TRNN

The economic crisis triggered by Germany now targets France, as French elites seriously debate leaving the Eurozone, Costas Lapavitsas, professor of economics at SOAS in London tells Paul Jay of th…

Germany's Eurosceptic Voice Speaks -- Prof. Bernd Lucke of the AfD wants the eurozone dismantled

Germany’s Eurosceptic Voice Speaks

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany's Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy. (Credit Wikipedia-  Agência Brasil)

Sigmar Gabriel, Germany's Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Farage beats Clegg in debate on Britain's future in EU http://descrier.co.uk/politics/2014/03/farage-beats-clegg-debate-britains-future-eu/

Politica - La scelta del tra Verdi e Farage: la sconfitta di Grillo (Grillo)

Podcast: Islamism, Liberalism, Civil Society and the European Migrant Crisis

American philosopher and neuroscientist, Sam Harris speaks with British author and commentator Douglas Murray about Islamism, liberalism, civil society and the European migrant crisis, in the lates…

Freedom of Speech - No Ifs No Buts

The first duty of journalism is just “to make trouble” – Seymour Hersh The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious of the rights of man.

As the US Tea Party & European Right Win Elections Its the Banksters We Should Blame

The success of hardline conservative anti-EU parties in the recent European parliamentary elections may have shocked the bien pensants, however it is Europe’s Left that has lost the plot.