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Your wallet just got stolen and you don’t know where the police are. Could it get worse? At least you can ask someone for help and find the police using your Mandarin skills! Learn more at eChineseLearning.com  Mandarin Chinese language learning Mandarin Chinese Online Lessons

In Chinese, you can show location by using "在 (zài)" which means "to be located (at so.

Let's talk about family in Chinese!   At eChineseLearning, we can design a personalized program for whatever your Chinese needs or interests. Sign up and receive a Free Trial today: https://goo.g...

In Mandarin, introducing your jiātíng family is very simple and easy to learn! Let’s say how Chinese address their family members.

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Is Your Wife Or Husband Passive Aggressive?

Passive aggressive behavior and domestic abuse, how do they connect? This article explains the relationship between the two negative behaviors.

Study Chinese-Crazy Grammar: I am very happy! (Newbie-Subject+hěn+adjective

Study Chinese-Crazy Grammar: I am very happy!

Grandparents in Mandarin Chinese: Know the Difference from English! - YouTube

Grandparents in Mandarin Chinese: Know the Difference from English!

Learn to Express Feelings in Chinese–Day Day Up: I am so mad!

In Chinese 我很生气 (wo hen shen.

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Video lesson about Giving Encouragement in Mandarin Chinese

In Chinese culture modesty is a virtue! Therefore, there are various ways to say You can do it! since being boisterous is lesson common in China.

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