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We laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night  ,  Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeroes      :)

I never make mistakes. I thought I did one day, but I was mistaken.

laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night. I spent many a summer night doing this very thing with two of my cousins.laying in the grass, looking up at the starry night sky and laughing until we couldn't breath

Yes quite x

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Old-school song lyrics. Poetic.

Closing Time by Semisonic. One of my favorite songs played in my favorite movie, Friends with Benefits!

Where's your will to be weird? -Jim Morrison

freaks and geeks and label-free peeps, UNITE!

Black like my soul

Black is a staple in my closet. Not sure I completely agree. "Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy -but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I don't bother you - don't bother me.

40 Awesome Motivational & Inspiring Quotes on Posters & Pictures - UltraLinx

40 Awesome Motivational & Inspiring Quotes on Posters & Pictures

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored, boredom is a choice. Designed by Aaron Christopher Judd

It takes courage to grow up & become who you really are. - e.e. cummings

"It takes courage" E. Cummings Love E.E Cummings:)

 on the walls of my classroom?

Inspirational Quotes: Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious -Albert Einstein (via

I should probably put this somewhere on a wall in my classroom. Yep.

quote "Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." - Pablo Picasso Stay an artist. Look at the world through the lens of a child.

... This was one of the first things I remember my mother & grandmother impressing upon me at a very tender age.  They made a little singing thing out of it ... like all the other little points on good manners.

Be gracious if it kills you -Elsie De Wolfe words-to-live-by

Vincent Van Gogh

"Though my soul may sit in darkness, it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night" Sarah Williams-The Old Astronomer. My father loved the stars. He asked me to sing "Stardust" at his funeral.

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40 Awesome Motivational & Inspiring Quotes on Posters & Pictures - UltraLinx


Body of a woman, soul of a child, mind of the free, and heart of the wild. Always keep a touch of a child's imagination in your heart.never grow up completely

JD Salinger - ❤❤❤

Holding the universe together :: from a short story “A Girl I Knew” luhhh jd salinger