Detail - Sanguine

tiffanybozic: This is a detail of Sanguine, acrylic on maple panel Also cover Juxtapoz Wild (published Gingko Press) book released earlier this year.

Tiffany Bozic’s animalia inspired artwork. supersonic electronic / art.

Tiffany Bozic’s animalia inspired artwork is now available in her first collected volume: “Drawn By Instinct.

Tiffany Bozic. Bats, Pipistrelli ●彡

The acrylic painting precision of Tiffany Bozic, an artist consumed with a passion for nature, the parallels between human and animal life, and painting the details.

Tiffany Bozic Interview

tiffanybozic: “Little tent bats and moths ✨ Chiroptera, acrylic on maple panel, 2013 ”

053 -Recent Illustrations 2012 by Joshua M. Smith, via Behance

Recent Illustrations 2012 by Joshua M. Smith, via Behance. Awesome Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Orlando.