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Understanding something from the inside, sensing its texture with bare hands.  Like a child poking a dead animal, we gaze at the stillness of an object’s surface with an undeniable awe, unable to grasp it lifelessness.  Can an object die? Was it it even alive?  This is an experiment, a dissection of dead tissue. An attempt in the hope for a living undercurrent beneath.   Scientists have found evidence of water on Mars, but all they have are monochrome images of dry rocks. We are in constant…

Beautiful taxidermy art by Jane Howarth. A collection of sea birds. “BONNE BOUCHE” Glamourous ladies discrad their fashions and adornments and head for the seduction of the surf and shingle.

1748                                                        I realize this isn't 19th Century, but I needed to repin this because it's gorgeous!

Marie Antoinette, century rococo or Georgian fashion

Boric Acid Suppositories And Yeast Infection

Phytosterols are friendly plant sterols and stanols that can block cholesterol absorption into our systems and do other things as well.

Come on in out of the cold...

we're doing Winter Pine cones here in the crafting cottage

The snake represents the story of Loki Bound. Loki was bounded by the entrails of his son. A snake was placed on a rock above Loki. The snake would drip venom down on to Loki.

Boiga Dendrophila by Mickaël Léger - Now if only there were a pair of platform heels as cool as this snake. But don't kill the snake.she's awesome.

I had a nightmareThe Wolf eating RavenEntrails of life on my plateAnd I ate ‘em..Interested in what I see?Try that Rorschach test on meHave you seen the beauty of theEnticing beast?Sonata Arctica - wolf and raven©Yana Toboso

I had a nightmare The Wolf eating Raven Entrails of life on my plate And I ate ‘em. Interested in what I see? Try that Rorschach test on me Have you seen the beauty of the Enticing beast?

Natural linen curtain, quiet corner

Romantic Bridal Hair Piece Trends

Option windows Another option for the windows is a natural brown linen curtain, to provide more privacy. The wooden chest will add to the vintage feel.

Homemade Cucumber Face Mask When it comes to skin care, you can’t go wrong with cucumbers. Cucumber hydrates your skin, so it acts like a moisturizer - not to mention what it does for skin irritations.  It gives your connective skin tissue a good boost, which means tighter, less sag, skin. It prevents puffiness- hence putting them over your eyes. And it even softens your skin as well- so less wrinkles.

Homemade Brightening Peel Off Mask: Peel Your Way To Better, Brighter Skin