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Brian Dawkins - 17 anos - Guerreiro e Conselheiro de Armas de Borda do Inverno

Its tough to loose a father at a young age and so tragically. “Every time someone looked at him, they commented on how much he looked like our father, Lake.

Pokemon real images #FunnyPokemonImages

Pokemon real images #FunnyPokemonImages

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cyberclays: Brave Quest - posters by Marat Ars “I did this series of posters for IGG Inc. and their new game called Brave Quest. Check it [here]” Poster A: Evil Knight Poster B: Dark knight & Lord of Darkness Poster C: Demon Poster D: Leviathan & Ice Girl

Master Wizard: One of the Four Disciplines available at the Romanian University (a vampire studies for 400 years) (Blood Curse Series by Tessa Dawn)

Legend of the Cryptids Artist: Unknown name aka Title: Unknown - Card: Wisdom Seeker Lasse

Viking warrior

Berserker by Brenoch Adams. A common prayer in the French churches during the century states : ‘A furore normannorum libera nos domine' ; ‘Oh lord, save us from the rage of the Nordic people’