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After deer hunting season ended-all the deer gathered for their annual ha-ha you missed me deer festival! So true. I see tons every year before deer season starts then they disappear until after deer season is over.

Not that I find shooting deer funny, it's just that I know a few places where people would try to use an excuse like this to bait deer

Funny sign for deer hunters: Baiting Is Illegal. Sign reads: This pile is intended for squirrels, chipmunks and other such animals. Any deer found eating this corn will be shot!

Perhaps that's why u couldn't find any?

what deer?I know this is photo-shopped but reminds me of my husband napping under tree while hunting.woke to find a deer watching him

Straight outta Arkansas.

:O HUNTERS you're doing IT wrong? Just wait by deer crossings instead of spending time hunting them down :P ;

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Enjoy this Throwback Thursday look at these two feisty deer fighting at Tomar Park from three years ago. [VIDEO]

KELOLAND TV cameraman Mike Simundson Captures a deer fight in Tomar Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. While the deer on the right looks like the sore loser .

deer hit my car "That speeding car is 10 feet away? I can make it" Deer Meme - Google Search

Funny pictures about Deer and their logic. Oh, and cool pics about Deer and their logic. Also, Deer and their logic.


Funny picture of some duck hunting a hunter using the topless girl standup in this humorous cartoon, comedy pic and comic strip.

Oh, if only we all could be as smart as that! And run into veggie freaks more often!

A vegetarian asked what I felt while shooting deer. I replied, "Recoil." haha this is so true