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Apparently bacon stops nose bleeds now??? Somebody should try that...

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Bacon is like a high-five for my mouth! Im Not lying when i tell you that my daughter has said almost the exact same thing !

I laugh because it's partially true. - Get the awesome limited edition Bacon Lover's t-shirt while it's still available! http://teespring.com/icanhazawesome

Limited Edition Bacon Lovers Tee

I love the sound of bacon frying while I'm lying in bed Sat. morning listening to the sound of rain on the roof. Bacon smells better on rainy mornings!

The rules of bacon

Bacon is my life, and my one true love, i even asked for bacon for my birthday and Christmas. Nobody decided to get me some, though they know that bacon is my life and my true love and a replacement for my small dark ginger soul.

Bacon is soooo over rated! Its soooo gross! I hate bacon!

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This is for the serious bacon addict! A "I Stop for Bacon" car magnet or bumper sticker!

For real

oh how many of us are deep down just unable to resist. The temptation of just pure bacon