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Lol hahahaha Casey this is funny thank you! ; ) Smoke what is always my response to that question ; )

Funny pictures about Smoke what. Oh, and cool pics about Smoke what. Also, Smoke what.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

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The World's Largest Onion

11 Cool and Fascinating Facts About Onions

68 year old gardener Peter Glazebrook produces onion weighing and smashes the world record previously set by himself. i am so happy 4 him look how happy he looks a man and his onion he’s gazing at it so tenderly my son……. MY SONION

OMG ; )  from You know you're a Texan when. on FB

Everything is bigger in Texas - so enjoy this stretch limo horse. It's a deserved entry to our funny horse pictures gallery.

this is me funny shit

Just sayin'!

Don't judge me lol. Is this what you really use that juicer for?

How serious is it to make a vow to God? What will go when God’s Kingdom comes? Do you share God’s sense of justice? This issue will help answer these questions.

The Watchtower—Simplified Edition, April 2017

Watchtower Study June The Bible examples of Naboth and Peter show why humility and forgiveness are essential if we are to share God’s sense of justice.

Ghost Fungus (Omphalotus nidiformis) ~ © Heino Lepp. These glow in the dark when fresh.

These glow in the dark when fresh.

For those of you who didn't buy the cookies...

*insert evil laugh here*

I think I need to weed more often now.

where is this store?

Another unfortunate case of bad kerning (letter spacing) and poor font choice! This is why it is important to hire a professional to design your logo!

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scaramush, scaramush, will you do the fandango, thunder bolts of lightning, very very frightening me! Lol um yup I did!

World's Biggest Mushroom

The Fungus Humongous trope as used in popular culture. Mushrooms that are larger than average appear often in fantasy. While some actual mushrooms have been …

Meet Whisper, formerly known as Pasta Batman.