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TakePart.com Sponsored ·  6/30/2014 - Did you know that more than 1,000 wolves have been needlessly killed by trappers since 2011? - Tell Governors to Ban the Trapping of Gray Wolves

Support the California Effort to Stop Wildlife Killing Contests please sign petition and share for signatures

PLEASE SIGN.  Ban the use of Leg Hold, Conibear and Snare Traps in the U.S.   And, if its never occurred to you one way or another, remember that dogs, cats, and protected raptors also suffer at the jaws of leghold traps, suffering for sometimes days before the trap is checked on.

Save Wolves and Other Imperiled Wildlife from Rand Paul's Species Endangerment Act - S. 855 would gut protections that effectively saved the American bald eagle, black footed ferret, and California condor. signatures on petition)

A quick guide on what to do when you encounter a baby animal who seems to be without adult supervision. Take a close look at the situation. Are you meeting this infant courtesy of a pet cat or dog? Is it bleeding, breathing heavily or visibly distressed (crying, shivering, or moving in a way that suggests a broken bone)?  Is there a dead adult animal nearby? If any are true, the animal might need help so you should call a regional wildlife rescue. http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/Ahlv7/zNDk/qs.B

© Andrea Westmoreland I have a friend who lives in rural Florida that feeds this little fawn. I don't know what befell the mother.

Canis lupus...They refer to Lupus as the disease is wolf's clothing because you can't always tell from looking at someone that they are sick.

The Stir-Congressman Wants to Set Wolves on Homeless People (Yeah, That's a Great Idea)

Keep Wolves Protected, and Defend the Endangered Species Act... - Care2 News Network

If anti-wolf legislators get their way, the result will be more state-led killing of wolves and a blow to the Endangered Species Act. Before the courts intervened, these four states allowed some of the most disturbing means of managing wolves:

Sorry, Gray Wolves—Uncle Sam Isn’t Going to Protect You Anymore

Wisconsin wolf pups, in grave danger of being eliminated, unless the FWS relists them as endangered.

End the Inhumane Breeding of Captive-Born Wolves ! PLEASE sign : http://animalpetitions.org/4229/end-the-inhumane-breeding-of-captive-born-wolves/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=end-the-inhumane-breeding-of-captive-born-wolves&utm_source=Animal+Petitions&utm_campaign=5b3537e709-RSS_EMAIL_C

End the Inhumane Breeding of Captive-Born Wolves - ForceChange

Coywolf - coyote-gray wolf hybrid, conceived in captivity.

End Wolf-Killing Competition, An annual hunting contest sees hundreds of wolves, coyotes, raccoons, and other wildlife killed in the name of increasing the population of game animals. Demand that this cruel and nonsensical competition come to an end.

After a Killing: Next Steps for America's Most Endangered Mammal

Expert insight into the shooting of a Mexican gray wolf in New Mexico.