Enrico Baj, Fire! Fire! 1963-64

Tate glossary definition for arte nucleare: Artist group founded in Milan in 1951 whose aim was to make art in response to the nuclear age

Enrico Baj, ‘Fire! Fire!’ 1963–4

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Meet the Artist behind Der Spiegel’s Viral Trump Covers Edel Rodriguez for DER SPIEGEL.

National Geographic Photographer Opens SoHo Gallery to Inspire Next Gen of Eco-Warriors

"Super Spear Fisherman" #outsiderart Artist: Tracey Ann Finley

"Super Spear Fisherman" #outsiderart Artist: Tracey Ann Finley

Enrico Baj

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Alexandra Huber, Poets Eye

via art brut and outsider art site - "The Poet's Eye" is the name of the upcoming Winter show of new works on paper by Germany's Alexandra Huber.