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The neo rustic french countryside summer house of Isis-Colombe Combréas of Milk Magazine.

Corsica dream | MilK - Le magazine de mode enfant

Porch and swing from a stone-country-contemporary vacation home built in the heart of the Corsican maquis. "An Arizona air base on the mediterranean.

Equipping the "ideal" homestead  in the 21st century

Planting a "goat garden" Dairy Goat Journal. Presenting information, ideas, and insights for everyone who raises, manages, or just loves goats.

Milk and cookies for kids at wedding reception during champagne toast... but honestly, I hate champagne so I'd probably prefer the milk and cookies myself xD

Milk and cookies for kids at wedding reception during champagne toast - super cute. we could even just do milk and fun straw since we won't have kid safe cookies unless we want to buy from better bites but that's a lot of dessert

Raising a pig in your backyard! Countryside magazine

How to Raise a Pig for Meat - Countryside

Raising Your Own Poultry Feed

Providing Natural Poultry Feed - Homesteading and Livestock

​Milk Crate Stool, DIY from Working Class Magazine

Backyard On A Budget: 5 DIY Outdoor Seating Refresh Ideas

If you love to throw summer parties and are always in search of extra seating, here's your solution: Spray-painted milk crates topped with scrap wood combine color and convenience, plus they're easy to store when not in use.