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Paul Putzar — Freunde von Freunden

Paul Putzar — Freunde von Freunden (beautiful and elegant dynamic points and lines create a beautiful piece of art)

#Shadow #art by #KumiYamashita #arte #ombre

Arte e curiosità dal mondo – I contorni d’ombra di Kumi Yamashita

#Shadow #art by #KumiYamashita #arte #ombre

annette messager my vows

**the idea of lots of small items clustered on strings at varying heights in a swooping continuous curve from one side of the club to the other** Hang photos of the first year of school as the Arts Night community installation art making activity

"Being Here" installation by Mark Garry

Hello Wednesday (La Boheme)

In my Color World, every single window would be like that. hundreds of threads make a rainbow - by installation artist Mark Garry

Rashad Alakbarov, amazing shadow art

Ghost in the machine Shadow and Light Art by Rashad Alakbarov on Designspiration



Laser-cut wood cube projects beautiful shadow patterns onto gallery walls / Anila Quayyum Agha 'Intersections'


Installation Aerial par Monika Grzymala

Installation Aerial par Monika Grzymala :: Tape, patience and imagination Aerial is a facility of the Berlin artist Monika Grzymala, made entirely with a big black tape, she dresses a column and two white walls with incredible dexterity.

Using delicate materials like layers of glass or paper, artist Ardan Özmenoğlu redefines everyday objects in her visually complex sculptures.

Three-Dimensional Trees Formed with Layers of Painted Glass

Three-Dimensional Trees Formed with Layers of Painted Glass - My Modern Metropolis by artist: Ardan Özmenoğlu

Layer series by Nobuhiro Nakanishi http://www.nomart.co.jp/nakanishi/information.html:

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Beautiful idea Layer series by Nobuhiro Nakanishi - He photographs a scene or object repeatedly over time, then laser prints each shot and mounts them onto acrylic. Change is captured in each frame

Electricity Poles in Iceland

worth 1000 words: land of giants

Travel: Iceland - Land Of Giants, awesome human-like and reindeer-like electric poles!This cool company flawlessly transformed regular and boring electrical pylons into creative parts of the Icelandic landscape." ExPress-O

Ring installation by Arnaud Lapierre http://www.archdaily.com/187161/ring-installation-arnaud-lapierre?utm_content=buffer52d3f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Ring Installation / Arnaud Lapierre

▶▶▶ Ring installation // Arnaud Lapierre distorts and reconstructs reality through the layering of reflections and voids. The cylindrical environment warps visitors' perception of space into a simultaneously reconstructed and deconstructed reality.