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Dominique & Teddy were always at Harry’s house helping with the kids. Ginny may have liked Victoire & Teddy together, but she knew from years of watching Teddy & Dominique that they were meant for each other. To her, they were like Remus & Tonks.

Harry Potter Next Generation Character Confessions// Not what I expected

When Victoire broke up with Teddy, he let her lie and say he broke up with her because she was too scared to come out to her family as a lesbian. They remained close friends & Teddy helped Victoire get the strength to come out to her family.

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Rose's first crush was on Viktor Krum. She quickly got over it during her third year after she found out he dated her mum.

Rose rejected Pureblood prejudices as stupid and narrow-minded. Overtime, she convinced Scorpius to feel the same.

I think Draco would teach Scorpius to feel it was narrow minded and pathetic.

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Harry Potter Next Generation Character Confessions -- Lily and Lysander

Nineteen Years Later

Hugo was a hatstall between all of the houses. He had Ravenclaw’s intelligence, Hufflepuff’s determination and loyalty, Gryffindor’s bravery and Slytherin’s ambition. He landed in Gryffindor in the.

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The only people to know about this were his best friends Fred, Morgan, and Alice. And Lily, because, well she is Lily.