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So true.

I was considering writing the entire rest of this is gospel here but I'm on my phone and it's too much work <-By Fall Out Boy

My grades are moderate, but I have no life now

It really has been almost three years since I heard a song for the first time on the radio. I didn't get into their music until late 2014 but they launched me into my pop-punk music obsession and I'm so thankful for that.

...And his forehead<<that was uncalled for.

His vocal range is bigger than your future, and his forehead is bigger than your friend group What Oh maybe that's only me Okay bye

Sadly I haven't been to a concert yet of one of my favourite bands, but when it does happen I'm sure this will be me

I felt this way when I saw Green Day, and I still can't believe I actually saw them live, FRONT ROW, in concert. Best day of my life -Whatsername OMG OMG yeah that was me


In cellabration of the sacred month April, every year we should all fill our pockets with dark colored or black glitter and at random times throw them in the air and sing a song of your choice really loudly by Fob, Patd or Mcr

Well they put sings instead of sins. Panic! At the Disco. Can we just take a minute to imagine how awesome this would be?!

Screw that if the person I MARRY doesn't burst into I write sins not tragedies I'm leaving their sorry ass for a picture of Brendon Urie

panic! concerts ladies and gentlemen

i think this is the only picture to accurately describe a panic concert