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Fruits and gelatin
Paleo Gut Healing Gummies: the perfect healing treat! Packed with gelatin for gut health, and sweetened naturally with fruit and stevia. One of our favourites to make on the weekend!
we’ve all been there…the snack aisle. the kids have identified all of their favorite characters on the boxes of those fruit chews. ever pick up a box? eeks. luckily there are a few brands now who make their snacks out of 100% fruit, but they tend to be expensive and harder to find. check...
Pomegranate Gummies (AIP, Paleo)
Easy Homemade Fruit Gummies  2/3 cup of fresh berries (I used strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries)  1/2 cup of water     1/3 cup of Great Lakes Gelatin or another unflavored gelatin  6-10 drops of Stevia or a few TB of honey
How to make healthy homemade jello with no artificial dyes, colors, or processed sugar!
Make healthy kombucha fruit snacks!    1 ¼ cup kombucha (she uses ginger flavored), divided in half  ¾ cup frozen strawberries  1 medium beet, peeled and roughly chopped  2 Tbsp raw honey  6 Tbsp gelatin
Forget the fruit snacks - try these easy DIY gellies made with 100% real fruit and healthy gelatin, a 1-2 punch to keep your kids' immunities up and their tongues happy!
20 Homemade Fruit Snacks Recipes + Free Fruit Snack E-Book!