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International Sherry Week 2016
Chamomile, Bourbon, Sherry and Grapefruit Slushito
Arlo  ||    ||   Hand-drawn name art by Meg at pinterest.com/meggiemaye.
These Pineapple Upside Down Shots taste just like the dessert!
Smirnoff Cherry Escape cocktail with Smirnoff Cherry flavored vodka and lemonade.
Funfetti Cake Punch
Oh geez, I need to remember how to understand the X & Y axes to figure out which red wine is most like Moscato. Or maybe I should just stick to Moscato.
Sea Salt + Honey Ice Cream - an irresistibly savory/sweet combination, plus only four ingredients, five minutes to mix together, and no ice cream machine needed!
Well hello 21st birthday drink(s)
Combine in a pitcher the Barefoot Pink Moscato, pink lemonade concentrate, and lemon-lime soda (more or less depending on your taste)., Mash half a container of raspberries and add to the pitcher., Place the remaining whole raspberries in glasses, add pitcher mixture and ice if desired.