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I can't believe how accurate I feel these rings are, you don't even need the cartoons next to them to see where the designs are inspired from :)

Disney Engagement Rings From Gemvara — Seen Them Yet?

Disney Princess Engagement rings of these infamous love stories of our time. just like Romeo & Juliette or Mider Etain, this is romantic and deep. Imsgine getting a ring based off your favorite love story.

1912-1914 dress by Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketektur, og Design

Dress, Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketektur, og Design. For a later period Art Nouveau gown, it still had a circular bottom.

Lv the tan mono pn white with jeans and boots....

True Southern belle, but not with Hollister jeans. Cause any true Southern woman's butt would be way too big to fit in those jeans. Definitely will not be name brand but love the style!

Southern sweetie and denim combo

Dear Stitchfix Stylist, I love how feminine and classy this outfit is. Lace, skinny jeans, and flats. Finish off with a classic pearl necklace and you've got a great Fall style!

So yes, I admit, I absolutely love the movie Titanic, and I definitely have a soft spot for the Edwardian. Today it got the better of me and...

Dinner dress House of Drécoll The classic pannier draping and long pointed train of this dress indicates the highest style of the period. Beautiful in shape and style, the piece is an elegant.

Love this, sometimes we think to much about what others will think, if you like it then that's all that matters

forget the rules if you like it you should wear it fashion quote, text, quotes to live by, fashion

Yes, Festive Outfits Can Be Chic! Steal These Comfy-Cute Styling Tips

Yes, Festive Outfits Can Be Chic! Steal These Comfy-Cute Styling Tips

Yes, Festive Outfits Can Be Chic! Steal These Comfy-Cute Styling Tips, ehh i guess I really liked the plaid skirt ahah CX

I surprisingly like this..its different yet cute. Love the big bow. although for the actual wedding, no red shirt lol

Why do I love this dress so much! (minus the flannel.) Could be cute for a country themed wedding - where your husbands flannel over your dress for a picture.