Busy Teacher’s Top Ten: Back to School Checklist. Great place to get you thinking!

Another fall has rushed summer from the scene, and for teachers that means one thing: school. Teachers have a lot of work to do to be ready before their students return to class.

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First day of school checklist. I have mine in big sticky notes, this would be good for my notebook.

Busy Teacher Forms - missing supplies note, snack note, estimation jar, and more.  $

Busy Teacher Forms

Fourteen forms to help any busy teacher. Forms include: Behavior charts, estimation jar note, snack reminder, student information form, reading l.

"I Went to RED Today" Letter Home

"I Went to RED Today" Letter Home

This letter can be sent home when a student ends their day on RED. The checklist makes it easy for students to fill out on their own or with a teacher. The backside has a spot they can complete with their parents about how to stay on GREEN tomorrow.

An Easy Guide to Setting Up Your Grade K-5 Classroom | Scholastic.com

An Easy Guide to Setting Up Your Grade K-5 Classroom

Do you have more ideas than time?  This free download is for To-Do Lists especially designed for TpT sellers!  It will help you organize those thin...

Busy Teachers to do lists. This is handy, I forget things all the time! Or I'll write them on whatever is nearest to me and then I will either end up with tons of loose papers or I lose the papers all together lol

TEACHER TIP: This is one of the best pages on GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) for teachers on "Interventions at School" by a teacher's website. Great checklist of items that many other websites do not cover, specifically geared towards teachers, by teachers. #anxiety

Tips for teacher on how to handle students with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). Great checklist of interventions specifically geared toward teachers (Groups) (Teacher Inspiration) (Anxiety)