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ABB today announced that its YuMi robot solution, the world’s first truly…

ABB and others have introduced robots designed to assemble small parts and detect whether products.

Kuka industrial robot

The robot module „ecoZ“ takes care of automated loading and unloading of machine tools. Thanks to its compact design it does not need much

【快訊】舒適至上的好設計!日本Good Design Award得獎名單揭曉|MOT/TIMES 線上誌看來能夠奪下本屆「Special Award年度大獎」的設計作品,一定超舒適好用的吧!   但今年的最大獎,竟被《Industrial Robot》這個工業用的小型機器人(下圖)所拿下,而且這名字聽起來跟舒適質感一點關係也沒有啊!?不過評審委員卻認為,這個專為無菌室所設計的工業用機器人,可大量運用在食品、醫藥、半導體等需要無菌室的產業,將來勢必能為科技生活提供更舒適的未來。

Highlights from the 2014 Good Design Award Exhibition in Tokyo -

Help me choose the right 6 axis robot | Universal Robot

6 axis robot - help me choose a Universal Robot

Verkoop van industriële robots in 2015 met 15% gestegen -

YuMi van ABB is een voorbeeld van een collaboratieve robot (bron: ABB)

IRB 14000 YuMi - Industrial Robots - Robotics | ABB

YuMi® Creating an automated future together. IRB Pay load: 500 g;

fbx industrial robot modeled

Industrial Robot Arm Model 2 Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.

Universal-Robots Zacobria in Singapore. Robotiq electrical grippers

modular - industrial - robots - solutions - Zacobria - Universal-robots - 6 axis industrial robot - low cost industrial robot with customer service and support

Why Co-Bots Will Be a Huge Innovation and Growth Driver for Robotics Industry - IEEE Spectrum

Meet YuMi,ABB’s answer to the long-standing quest to incorporate collaborative robots into manufacturing assembly lines.

Universal Robots lanceert gratis online trainingen voor collaboratieve robots -

The Universal Robots is our largest collaborative industrial robot arm, designed for bigger tasks up to 10 kg

IRB 6660 for pre machining - Industrial Robots - Robotics | ABB

IRB 6660 for pre machining - Industrial Robots From ABB Robotics

(FANUC Automation Robots)

Investing in robotic equipment can be a big leap for a small business. Industrial robots have been automating tasks since The first industrial robot, the Unimate, worked with the die casting.

RoboSimian: El robot de la NASA ágil como un simio

RoboSimian: El robot de la NASA ágil como un simio

DARPA Robotics Challenge: NASA-JPL proposed to build RoboSimian, a simian-inspired, limbed robot that will use deliberate and stable operations to complete challenging tasks under supervised teleoperation


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