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Calico Girls and Orange Boys: Cat Color Genetics
My 11 week old blue merle border collie
Simple steps to make clay moddeling.  #claycraft  #DIY #HowTo
Damn you, Tom Hardy! We all know you love dogs, but cats too?! Could you be anymore perfect?
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Furthermore, the cats could expand a winter coat (usually on the torso and end) that they reduce once the climate becomes warm again.
Trust Yoongi to get shit done
All my wonderful animals that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge - Candy(parakeet), Herman(hamster),Gertrude(duck), Pretty Boy(cat),Binji&Bingo(dogs), Augie(dog)Milady(dog)Sadie(dog)Magic(cat),Dillon(dog),Kletchen, Noah,Lil' Girl(dogs,same litter different ages), Baby(dog) Roc(dog)
Bob the cat. Former stray who now goes busking with his master in Covent Garden. Looking peaceful and content, and always sporting stylish scarves, he sits all still watching the crowd hurry past.
Dumbledor has to have done this at one point !