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i was born the same month as harry, the same year as louis and they were supposed to meet at that damn script concert on my birthday;

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love yourself as much as niall loves one direction. Now we all know that the biggest Directioner is the only Niall Horan!

Louis is just like dammnit Niall at least let me get the joke out first would ya?

Louis looks so proud of making Niall laugh in the second picture.

Meet Harry Styles..(: 《I wish I could

Harry is the biggest mystery in this century but I still love him more than my entire existence

The Fandom

harry is the best human i have ever knew in my entire life he is so beautiful in side and outside, protect him at all costs. he is an angle i love him to the moon and back.

Niall is so cute. I die from his cuteness every time. And the sass master from doncaster strikes again with all his sass. had to edit this accidentally types ass. oops

find it on we heart it. I just watch the Ellen Show where One Direction play "Never Have I Ever" and Harry isn't honest on several question (Ellen's think). But Harry just so cute when he confused to answer "I Have" or "I Never Have" :*

this might possibly have been the most important thing that happened behind the scenes of Night Changes

Behind the scenes of the "Night Changes" music video. Harry being told not to smile and be serious. Harry, making a funny face that doesn't involve you smiling isn't the same as being serious.

my ass is on the line - Google Search

Louis slapping Niall This Is Us << Liam's face! Zayn and Harry don't even look surprised