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Check out this post about 19 Green Eye Makeup Ideas. If you are green eyed then you are on the right place to get some really good makeup ideas.

simple step by step smokey eye tutorial for beginners

40 Hottest Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas 2017 & Smokey Eye Tutorials for Beginners

. The eyes are the window to the soul. For many people, this is the first thing they notice about another. So this is an important part of beautifying ourselves. With this Eye Makeup Tutorial, you will let those baby blues, browns, greens, or whatever shi

For Blue Eyes For Striking, Beautiful Looks

Blues of the Sea eye makeup look, list of makeup products, makeup hacks, blue and gold eyeshadow, smokey eye makeup, eye makeup ideas,

5 Selfie-Worthy Eye Makeup Ideas For Any Occasion

Blues of the Sea eye makeup look. Makeup for brow eyes, blue eyes, green eyes and all skin and hair colours. Highlights your eyes. Eyeshadow beauty tutorial for smokey eyes, nude lip with wing eyeliner.

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My Latest Discovery: How Have I Lived Without These Products?!

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What Goes First A Makeup Routine Guide makeup beauty makeup tutorials beauty tips makeup tutorial

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22 Gorgeous Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Always wanted to experiment with different makeup looks, but you were never sure what goes well with green eyes? Check these amazing makeup ideas for green eyes