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552cad429ce59b4cffa64ea1841161c8.jpg (791×1010)

Castle cliffside town, the entire town is protected by the large castle wall on the right and the sheer cliff face protects the town from the left providing efficient access through the lake passing through.

Welcome to Marsae II, a current holdover for Marsae the original board. Due to my awful errors. Original clans and same people. Marsae is a wartorn land filled with nobles. Each house will be posted

along, zuoan dong on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3vZv2

m Ranger Royal Army Scout Leather Cloak Sword Longbow desert wilderness plains zuoan-dong-finish.

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slums to crystal district; the market borders the entrance to the crystal district bc no one would want to see the poor of course

Blog di attualità e di divulgazione estetica, storica e letteraria. Le immagini, le citazioni o altri contenuti del blog che facciano riferimento ad opere artistiche, culturali o letterarie sono intesi come divulgazione scientifica. Qualora tuttavia risultassero sgraditi, il titolare me lo comunichi e provvederò immediatamente alla loro completa rimozione.

"SCA Heraldry practice has some differences, but this is still a neat reference." Not sure who SCA is.