Guillaume Singelin

Hi, I'm Hjorth, and I want to learn everything. Pronouns: e(y)/em/eir, or they/them/their (Danish: hen/hem/hens)

Beautiful Corporate Life. -

This is a quarter-page illustration for last week's issue of Network World magazine. It accompanied an article about the different ways.

Hospital (single comic page) on Behance

Trying to figure out how I like doing comics! I feel like I get a better idea of the live area I have if I draw it traditional first… And as always, I love to color. Concept is from a boring Lupin comic I’ll never finish because I have bigger,.

Иллюстрации Сэма Босмы из Бруклина

sbosma: “Polypheme and Odyssea, my combatants for Jenn Woodall’s FIGHTZINE, featuring an all-female cast of fighting game characters. These ended up being closer to Dark Souls enemies (maybe my Ornstein and Smough), but hey. I picture these two as.