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Sometimes it's hard to be motivated on cloudy Monday. Then I remember that  I today I got to wake up and work on something I am passionate about. I get  to continue building a career I love. I get to work with smart, beautiful,  inspiring women. I get to make things that were previously out of my  comfort zone part of my beautiful life. Sure, the long list of things I  have to accomplish today is daunting, but when I'm done I'll have achieved  a little bit more of my dreams.  Monday…

Monday Mantra: This is your dream

If your dreams dont scare you, they are not big enough life quotes quotes dreams life life lessons believe big dreams scare words to live by

Special and rare.

,I really do appreciate people who stimulate my creativity and make me think on a deeper level. (BECAUSE I LOVEEEEE these people, i am one of these people.deep thinkers are the best people in my book, they can help you learn and understand things-ki)

small tattoo designs (10) Mother-daughter tattoos! That would be cute!!

Best friend infinity tattoos love this one. if i had a best friend!

Don't let it get to you

All frustrations are self-induced. The outside world can invite us to become upset, but we ultimately accept the invitation. - Don't let others add to our frustrations. Choose to be proactive not reactive.

Aristotle Quotes & Sayings

125 most famous Aristotle quotes and sayings (philosopher). Quote - Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two.

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If only... <sigh >

'The World is so much bigger than your Brain.Stop living inside your Head', so true.