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Female Painted Bunting

Female Painted Bunting - saw this little lady in Florida-Corkscrew Swamp

Myioborus melanocephalus - pleszówka okularowa - Spectacled Whitestart

Myioborus melanocephalus - pleszówka okularowa - Spectacled Whitestart

Olive-capped Warbler (Dendroica pityophila)

Olive-capped Warbler (Setophaga pityophila) Bird perched up in a pine tree


For Joy in God’s Creation: Oriental dwarf kingfisher (Wild for Wildlife and Nature)

Dark Chanting Goshawk by Arno Meintjes Wildlife. This hawk breeds in sub-Saharan Africa, but avoids the rain forests of the Congo basin. There's a small, declining isolated population in Morocco, and it also occurs in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It is a resident species of tropical and subtropical savannah. It builds a stick nest in a tree and lays 1-2 eggs. It eats a variety of vertebrate prey and large insects. by oldrose

Dark Chanting Goshawk (Melierax metabates) by Arno Meintjes Wildlife

Kagu bird

10 Intriguing Animals Whose Names Start with The Letter K ~ Kagu

De kagoe (rhynochetos jubatus)

De kagoe (rhynochetos jubatus)