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Smart forstar concept EV - Engadget Galleries
Smart forstar concept EV - Engadget Galleries
OMG!!!!!! iCat for iPhone  And they're anatomically correct...priceless.
this is like megas XLR
The BugASalt is a plastic shotgun of sorts that expels a pinch of salt a high speed with the aim of killing flies (or other undesirable insects, we suppose). It works. It’s freaking brilliant! The fly is pierced multiple times with tiny sodium chloride pellets, killed instantly. There’s no splatter, no mess like with flyswatters. Only the thrill of the hunt.
This is what I have a issue with.  Maybe it wil grow on me :(
metal detector sandals; gadget; shoes.
Is the Electrolux Gel Refrigerator the Future of Food?
Lickety spoon - www.incognitivo.com
Awesome or Creepy? Soundwave bracelets - designed in the shape of the sound waveform, rendered in 3D.