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Never thought of that

Ok Nerd Alert.They were/are called 'Killer Whales' because those ORCAS who live in the deep ocean, pack hunt and kill large whales. Orcas are NOT whales at all but the largest species of dolphin.

LMAO This is hilarious. Fav part "Maybe Petco, not sure yet"

Funny pictures about I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet Chris. Oh, and cool pics about I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet Chris. Also, I'm pretty sure I'd like to meet Chris.

Movie Logic

Funny pictures about Movie logic. Oh, and cool pics about Movie logic. Also, Movie logic.

Things that ruin your day

Things that ruin your day

25 Problems That Desperately Need To Be Solved In I hate when there's nothing in my pizza roll!

If you know these signs, you may have been raised Pentecostal.

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Different languages.

Tim and I always talk to each other in "fake" German. haha and this is why German cracks me up. No matter what, you will always sound angry.

when killer whales trick-or-treat

The orca, or "killer whale" (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale and is the largest member of the dolphin family. It is highly social and co Panda killer Whale orca polar Bear Dolphin fancy dress comic animal funny Costume

narwhal.... I'm not sure why I like this.... I just like the doodles...

narwhal narwhal swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion because they are so awesome

Charlieissocoollike - Wait Until The Brownies Are Completely Cool

Wait until the brownies are completely cool. - Charlie McDonnell i-m-nerdy-and-i-know-it