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#ionosphere Look {@withlooksee}

#ionosphere Look {@withlooksee}

There were demons here, but the devils were much worse.

carly ymer i'm the villain, i'm the evil queen, the heartless b*tch, but never forget ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer carly ymer

Tim Walker 'In a Silent Way' for Vogue Italia October 2014 3

Codie Young captures our imagination 'In a Silent Way' an avant-garde tale artfully told by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, October 2014

Inspiration for using on the side of the top or bodice section of the design.

Christiane Wyler an artist, painter and designer she's painted on silk using mixed media like textured surfaces to combine colour. she says colour is life.

"And yet i would not sleep; merciful powers, restrain in me the cursèd thoughts that nature gives way to in repose" (2.1.7-9). This is Banquo complaining about his inability to sleep as a result of nightmares. This picture is an open eye, representing the inability to sleep because of what's inside the mind (depicted in the person within in the eye in this photo)


Eyes are the window to the soul. a soul that cannot escape the mind, a soul trapped in the darkness, trying to escape, screaming for help but no one hears and no on sees.

Sculpted from one block of marble -The Veiled Vestal Virgin - Raffaele Monti, 1847

The Veiled Virgin is a Carrara marble statue carved in Rome by Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza, depicting the bust of a veiled Blessed Virgin Mary. The exact date of the statue's completion is unknown.