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Watercolors by Maria Stezhko (Акварели Марии Стежко): Winter owl

Asian flair

Peixes na astrologia, Coelho ou Lebre no horóscopo chinês MARUYAMA Okyo Japan 円山 応挙

Deborah Williams

Deborah Williams

Embroidered star / Cazadora de inspiración © Anna Tykhonova. Cute Idea

Cool Summer crafts: 12 Embroidery and cross stitch ideas

Embroidered star / Cazadora de inspiración © Anna Tykhonova Idea: Outline a shape with a basted stitch, put a bunch of small ornaments in the shape, then remove outline.

David Galchutt_14

Complex illustrations by David Galchutt

This artist uses a number of colors in his painting. His Morning Strut - an original oil painting by David Galchutt: