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What if I told you #Judaism is not #Zionism

What if I told you is not

Judaism Rejects Zionism

Judaism Rejects Zionism

...And being Anti Zionism does not mean you are Antisemitic

There is a big difference between Zionism and Judaism. Judaism describes the Jewish faith whereas Zionism defines the philosophy behind an exclusive Jewish state which is the physical and spiritual…

Soon Inshallah.<3

“Palestinian child & Jewish child shake hands & play at pro-Palestine rally. This is the future we desperately need.

Huge difference.

As one Jewish person stated "more than ever I cannot see any way that the goals of modern Zionism further the goals of Judaism or the Jewish people.

Founder of the Insane Zionist Movement

Zionist Tactics

Theodor Herzl was a self proclaimed atheist. In fact, he hated Judaism and religious Jews.

A Doença do Apocalipse: Mais 68 Mortes por Ebola em uma Semana e Aumento de 20% de Novos Casos

Ebola has claimed an American victim in the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Get the latest news on the Ebola outbreak.


A phenomenal quote by Rosa Parks about the Jewish people

THEY DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME...  ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM   I have written and spoken extensively about the agenda behind the unfolding global fi...

Everything About the Rothschild Zionism

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#KumarSangakkara #Cricket #legend #batsman #legendary #great

Kumar Sangakkara, one of the modern greats of Cricket played his last innings on Sunday. There is a hardly a doubt that Sangakkara is probably greatest Sri

Rabbi Zionists have hijacked the Jewish religion - YouTube

Rabbi Zionists have hijacked the Jewish religion - YouTube