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I'm sorry, but I can't give you holidays off, or a social life. Would you settle for a candy cane?

Hahahaha love love this! Hilarious

Real Men Marry Nurses | T-Shirt | Funny Gifts For Husband Shirts

I guess I'm a real man! But I believe it's supposed to say "smart" men marry nurses. Or "hypochondriacs" marry nurses.

Love it! This will apply eventually! Lol

Real Men Marry Nurses | T-Shirt | Funny Gifts For Husband Shirts

Love it! This will apply eventually! Lol Jeremiah is a real man!

It's just not the same! Seen this too many times at work!

I think it's hilarious when my patients tell me this and I see tattoos. You hate needles? Because with a tattoo you get poked thousands of times, I'm only gonna do it once. LOL the more tattoos, the harder they fall

This should be fun. Post something that nurses or nursing students have in common with elves. Open up your imagination - it can be something you do;


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So very true, especially if you work peds!

Cartoon: How has "nursing" helped you at home? - About A Nurse - Nursing Cartoon Series

Nurses ♥ One of my favorite parts about being a nurse....cuddling with the babies! :)

I love being a nursery nurse . and working with the ob nurses . when all goes right it is the most wonderful moment in the world . and when things go wrong it's the greatest challenge in the world . but it's always a heartwarming adventure .

Batman fights crime and writer's block.

Influenza is a virus that antibiotics cannot cure. Although many of us go to the doctor when we have the common cold to get medications and antibiotics, they won't help much.