diagonal granny stripe - free pattern (click on the link in the post for "Diagonal Granny Stripe Infinity Scarf Post" for the instructions)

granny stripe diagonal- link to the how to make the diagonal granny provided by Zooty Owl

how to make a flat border for granny square blankets

Bunny Mummy: How to make a flat border for granny square blankets. Awesome tutorial on borders for granny squares.

Feminine scarf - crochet idea. In so much love. @Martina Matthewson you should make this :)

Bride Bolero Wedding Shawl/Bridal Cape - The ribbon finish really finishes a plain knitting project into a unique and elegant shawl. -- no pattern but shd be able to figure this out.

crosseddoubleedging... From Mama's Stichery Projects. She's got great patterns

Learn How to Crochet a Crossed Double Border with this helpful tutorial. Add this edging on to any finished blanket, no matter if it was originally crocheted, knitted, or is just made out of fabric.

Granny Stripe and Border. Cluster of three DCs around edge, chain 2 in the corner to join.

The Granny Stripe pattern is absolutely beautiful in it's simplicity and makes a fantastic blanket. It's my go-to recommendation for new crocheters who are excited to embark on a large scale project, but this is also a very, very relaxing.